GlideX bakeware

What is GlideX?

GlideX bakeware isn’t like other bakeware. We use a unique roller coating technology to produce non-stick that performs brilliantly. In fact, it actually feels smoother than other bakeware.

It’s the coating that counts

Our non-stick coating is scratch-resistant, flake-resistant, and virtually indestructible; that’s the difference. Give it a rub – it’s flawless. GlideX bakeware will feel perfectly smooth and slightly waxy to the touch, unlike other makes of non-stick.


GlideX non-stick bakeware is unique. Our surfaces are roller coated, not sprayed, so the non-stick coating is bonded directly to the surface. This means it lasts much longer than sprayed bakeware which is produced in China.


How many times have you been frustrated by ‘non-stick’ that isn’t? Our unique process produces a non-stick surface that roasting and baking keeps gliding off, every time.


Our unique process means we can create a wide range of colour combinations and patterns to suit your taste as well as your taste buds.


GlideX bakeware is the best there is (and you don’t deserve anything less than the best). We CAN prove it.

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